Friday, 21 December 2012

Thursday, 20 December 2012

Liberal Arts - contains spoilers

So, I finally watched the best movie of the year. Not The Avengers, not The Hobbit, not Twillight. Liberal Arts. Actually, let me correct myself: The best movie in a really long time.
And to start, I'd like to say, sometimes I'm really bothered that English is my second language. There's so much I want to say about this, and I already feel like I lack the right words. But I am going to write this in English, in great hopes that the person who I most want to read this, does. The immensely amazing person responsible for this movie.
I have been anxiously waiting for this movie since the middle of the year, or more. And you know how when you are really expecting something, and you're afraid that the thing will never be as good as you imagined because nothing could ever live up to your expectations? I was afraid of that. And I was deeply surprised. It not only lived up to my expectations, but it actually exceeded them.
And now is the part when I feel like getting a thesaurus.
This movie is incredibly well written. The dialogues are extremely light and deep at the same time. It's fluid, it's funny, it's endearing and heartwarming. The characters are incredibly real and it is the only flaw of this movie that it's too short. I could watch these people lives developing for days. I'm completely in love with everything Nat says and does, but mostly, we have to remember that, yes, everything is okay, and hard as it may be, be love. I'm also completely in love with Zibby, especially her spontaneity. "We should hug". Also, I actually cried with "I would like to kiss you... on your forehead". It takes a special kind of sensibility to write these kinds of scenes.
Now, is it weird that some things Jesse says about the music that Zibby gives him actually remind me of how I feel when I listen to some of Josh Radnor's songs of the day? "I worry that my nervous system is ill-equiped to contain such immensity of feelings". But his comments also made me remember one of the best experiences in my life: Being inside a church in Bergen, Norway, on a rainy day, listening to Bach played in an organ, suddenly feeling like the walls were alive, and I could feel everyone who had ever been there. Yes, music has this power.
Now, back to the movie. Such an unbelievably amazing cast. The delivery of those perfectly written lines was superb. I couldn't imagine a better and more appropriate ensemble.
And last, but absolutely not least, Mr. Radnor. This man amazes me in everything that he does. He can make me cry, and feel an entire arc of emotions with a single look (not only on this movie, but on HIMYM also). And, going a little off-topic, but not so much, he is forever an inspiration. Incredibly smart, deep and kind. As someone already said before, he is beautiful. Not only on the outside, but also, and especially, on the inside. And going a little more off-topic, I don't think I'll ever have trouble again finding great songs to listen to, because I have his SOTDs.
I need to rewatch to be able to think about the ending. I was too overwhelmed feeling way too close to Dean. Even though I'm much, much, better, I'm still too close to how he feels and sometimes I need to stick to the vampire books that empty your mind.
To sum up, thank you, Josh. Don't ever stop writing, don't ever stop acting, don't ever stop making movies. Your work is a blessing to this world.