Thursday, 4 June 2009

Carefree (um, not really)

Oh, man, do women have it rough. 
I'm not trying to raise a battle of the sexes here, but, you know, I am a woman, so really, I can only talk for this "kind". And, unfortunately, only us can pms (although I do know someone from the other side who thinks he can too, but, c'mon, who is he kidding?)
Anyway, I'm in those days when my hormones decide to misbehave, even though I try to keep them on every medicine leash I can. Still, they find a way to sneak out of their closet, and throw parties throughout my body. And the next day(s), I'm the one left with the hangover. 
But, not to worry, just a few more days of swelling, cramping, stomachaches, bad moods and water works and I'll be back to my old self again. 
And you know, my dear hormones, I really won't miss you, and I know you'll all be back next month.

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