Thursday, 3 September 2009

Poem #8

I don't know what to write, but I want to
There are things I wish were different
There are scars that will never go away
Maybe there's someone to blame, maybe there isn't
But the anger is there, it's huge, it's raw
I wish I could let go of this feeling
I don't like it, it hurts me
I try, but I don't know how to do it
Sometimes it feels like it will never go away
I want it to go away

Sometimes it feels like it's buried too deep
And I'll never get there, I won't have the strenght
Sometimes it feels it's already part of me
With it's roots embedded in my body, in my skin
I try to break some of them, and it hurts even more
I try to go as deep as I can, but I run out of breath

I wish I was a Goddess
I wish I could go to Hell and back
Maybe then I would be clean
Maybe then I would be free

I'm not a Goddess
I'm just a person
I have my flaws too
I have my weaknessses
I'm afraid I'll never be strong enough
I'm afraid I won't take it

I need help
Help from the Goddess I don't believe in anymore
Because all humans are too weak
None of them can take everything
None of them is flawless

I need help from anyone who can get it to me
It would be easier if I still believed in the Universe,
but I have no reason to anymore
I saw too many mistakes, I saw too much pain
It's not fair, we don't deserve that

I only wish all the pain would just go away

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Carol said...

Believe in the Universe, despite the pain, just because it exists...