Friday, 15 July 2011

Oh, I do have something else to write about. My cute little cats. This is the first time that I have my own pets. My family has had pets all my life, but they were never mine. (Besides the little hamster that my sister killed, but I was too young to notice anything). I find it so interesting to realize how they really do have personalities. H. is quieter, most of the time. Except the rare exceptions when she runs around the house like crazy, jumping all around. I don't quite understand why she does that. But normally she just likes to sleep, or observe. She's always happy to find a post, the higher the better, to look around. On the other hand, O. never does that. It's like she doesn't even realize there's a world out there. But she is crazy almost all of the time. She likes to play with her little mouse. H. couldn't care less about it. But O. goes around chasing it for hours. And she's like a little dog, bringing it to me, expecting me to throw it for her again. It's funny, because the mouse runs away sometimes. It hides underneath some furniture and is lost for months at a time. And O. doesn't even notice, but when it resurfaces, it's all she can think about. Specially when I'm trying to sleep. I'm really glad I chose her when I went to adopt her. She's so likeable. She has this cute squirrel tail, all fluffy. It's funny, because even though she has lots of hair, she's not exactly fluffy, so it's just the tail. And she's needy. She's always seeking for some contact, asking to be patted, rubbing against our legs, shoving her "face" (I forgot the actual word for this) under our hands. H. doesn't seem to mind. She hardly ever notices there's people around her. As long as she has a warm place to sleep and somewhere to look outside she's happy.


Isabella said...

loved this post. The cats sound like great fun.

Anonymous said...

You should write more often... I like your posts.